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Whether you’re a change your colour every week kind a gal or an.. ooopps I completely forgot to book my appointment kind, The Loft has the perfect stylist for you. We’re not your average kind of salon, at The Loft we pride ourselves on being down to earth, with a chilled homely vibe.

We want all our clients to walk out feeling more than a million dollars, and we have the talent to make sure that happens every time. Our Senior stylist Belinda has been working in the industry for over 34 years, she truly believes a stylist never stops learning and this shows in her work.

Originating from South Africa where she ran a hugely successful business, Belinda has now become our senior stylist where she is working her absolute magic on every single client. Master trained in cutting and colouring there is no job too big for Belinda. She takes your hair very seriously and understands your hair is a statement and reflection on your personal style and personality.

Your life may not be perfect, but with Belinda your hair will be.The Style Pit Stop Imagine this… Your getting geared up for that super important event, maybe a works do or a very important meeting.. maybe even a date to end all dates, but you have forgotten one, really important detail…

YOUR HAIR!! No need to panic .. The Loft has your back with The Style Pit Stop.It’s fast, affordable and nothing short of a hair miracle. All you need to worry about is having clean, dry hair and choose your style from the Pit Stop Menu, then sit back and relax while we transform your hair. 

Prices range from just £15 – £30. 

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